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Factors to Freedom

Today, I have a better understanding of the saying, “You truly appreciate a gift when you have shared it and see the value it brings to others.” A person gets a gift of a new car. They recognize its value and the many ways they will benefit from it. Imagine what real joy comes when they can use that gift for what it is truly meant for. Perhaps they can help someone who really needs transportation to an emergency appointment, or to get to their first job; or to look at their first home, or to some other very important event. Doing this provides meaningful discussions about how that gift was so beneficial. Moving forward the two have shared experiences through conversation about the meaningful events that had purpose. What do you think?




Whispers Etched in Stone

Elisa Morelli’s ardent wish is to share with others, through poetry, her understanding of goodness in its many forms.



A Little Book About Finding a New Norm

Some of us have been through tough times in our lives; things that give us a perspective on life that is not so uplifting. We have gone through things that have “taken the wind out of our sails.” Maybe it’s that we have endured the separation or death of a loved one, or maybe we have lost someone significant we cared for. It might be that we ourselves have gone through some debilitating circumstance; the losses of health or maybe circumstances have turned against us. Even when these things happen to us, upon us, our lives as seen from an Eternal Triune dimension can take on a completely different set of rules, vision, and contemplation than imagined before.