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Factors to Freedom

This book is a way of sharing lessons I have learned in my transition and re-entry journey. More importantly, it is to build meaningful and purposeful connections with others that will contribute to your success and help you to see how rewarding it is to help yourself and to help others. This book helps me to share valuable lessons I have learned on my cognitive transition and reintegration journey.

As a Citizen this book becomes a guide; a Toolbox that helps you, the Citizen, to see where you can be and where you want to be in your freedom. Maintaining your freedom requires that you identify barriers to gaining and keeping your freedom. Be willing to exchange barriers for free BFF’s.

This book outlines clear and purposeful steps to what it will take for you to meet the requirements. With the tools found in Factors to Freedom, you will be on your way to a more purposeful and meaningful life.



Whispers Etched in Stone

The Little Yellow Bee (Britain)
(At The Kilns)

The little yellow bee; how small and sweet.
I firmly believe that as much as I can see,
You have no way of knowing
The call of the wild bird morning after morning.

The morning sky shall greet your day.

Miracles and Wishes (Britain)
(At The Kilns)

Drip the trees,
Mild with snow they lay.
A duck gaffing on the pond,
Perhaps the great willow, fortunate
To see its leaves;
Your wish to see the sentinel.
Crack of dawn by lights of day
Miracle awaits thee.
By lights of day, the sun in its waking.
A crane in its flight awakens my surprise.
Sweet oh sway, oh demon in flight,
As seen in the flight to ride to the dawn.



A Little Book About Finding a New Norm

My thoughts are neither contrived nor intended to change your heart; only healing it. I have tried to write each chapter from the perspective of a person who believes. To show what the truth of believing in Christ is about, about finding a norm for each phase of our lives, of what He told us to believe; even in the darkest of circumstances.

This journey has brought me to some spiritual insights and I feel God impelled me to share them with people. It is for seekers and believers; also, Catholic and Protestants. I have included scriptures in reference form only, so that you may look up the passages in your own Bible translation.

The book is based on belief of faith that Christ is the head of the Church, and we find ourselves in Christ and what He taught us. Jesus taught us about the Eternal, Triune, Creator, and Divine Godhead. They are three in One and He [Jesus] is part of it. That is what He said.

Either Christ is who He said he was, or He was out of His mind; literally. He cannot be just a ’good teacher,’ because He called Himself God.

So, this book is written from the perspective that Jesus IS and that Jesus is alive now. Jesus – as part of the Godhead – raised Himself from the dead, and now sits in heaven. We take a very brief look at the seed for our belief system. How if we use Jesus as – just Jesus – the ’plumb line to our beliefs’ – that will change or ‘rock our world; change our norm?’ How does it change how we live?

Another hope, and my intention in writing, is that you will share this book with those who are going through tough times; those that are fighting for their lives. And allow them to think about these things on their own. Put this book into the hands of those that will need it the most; to be changed drastically by Christ.